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Who is Music Maestros for?
  • Motivated instrumentalists and other young musicians in Years 3 – 13
  • Young people who live or go to school in and around the chosen venue and are learning an instrument.
  • Students that have shown a keen interest in music and learning instruments
  • Students that may play instruments from any cultural background, not limited to those traditionally associated with an orchestra.
Our course aims
  • To inspire young musicians to create new music

  • To support and encourage the students’ musical journey

  • To develop the students’ improvisation, instrumental, composition and performance skills in a small and large ensemble

Course objectives
  • Young instrumentalists will participate in a 3 day creative course which will culminate in a concert attended by friends and family
  • Students will be exposed to music and other art forms outside of their usual experience, and will have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss what they hear
  • Throughout the course, tutors will assess students motivation, musicality, creativity and instrumental skill and will recommend young people to be invited to participate in similar courses presented by The Future Music Group

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