Skills: music | communication | building teams | merging companies | fun

Group size: no max | Length: 2-4 hours

This program is a fun and engaging way to challenge your team and promote creativity within your company. We split the group into small bands and they are each given a song to perform, we will provide the backing tracks and instruments if needed. Background music tracks are provided for each band so they can rehearse for their big performance!

We will host the show, doing our best Dermot impression! The lights are set, the fog machine is on, all we need are the judges…

The judges… Are whoever you want them to be! They can be members of our team, or members of your company. The judges are asked to provide CONSTRUCTIVE (*ahem*) criticism after each performance. However, just like the real X Factor, the audience have the final say! After all the groups have performed they cast their votes, then during the advert break we will count them up and reveal the winner! Cue tears and confetti…